Scam Warning!
We have been alerted to a scam in Kenya using our name and logo to offer to employ remote assistants, then with the job offer, the request of a small fee upfront for a training programme.

We do NOT employ any workers either in Kenya or the UK. All tasks are completed by volunteers and our sponsored students are closely monitored. We are not responsible for any scams perpetrated fraudulently in our name.

Welcome to EducAid Africa.

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EducAid Africa is a small charity dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for young people in a poor rural area of Kenya not far from Mombasa.

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It is supported by individuals, schools and church groups who sponsor students in secondary schools and college or university, or raise funds for books and equipment for schools and nursery classes.

We can make a difference to the lives of the young people we help who would otherwise not be able to afford this education.

EducAid Africa should not be confused with other charities with a similar name, for example Educaid, which operates in Sierra Leone.

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Believing that education opens new doors and brings hope where there is none, we aim to give financial help at all phases from nursery to university.

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