Secondary Education.

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EducAid Africa sponsors pupils in several secondary boarding schools in a rural area just north of Mombasa.
Pupils apply for sponsorship and are selected by our representatives in Kenya on the basis of ability and need.

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Schools are single sex with an age range of 14 to 20+ years. The boys and girls spend 4 years in an intensive learning regime. Education is highly regarded and seen as a door to a more promising future.

The school day is long, with almost all lessons being taught in English. In addition, the pupils contribute to the cleaning of the school and are responsible for washing their own clothes. Resources are very limited and EducAid Africa helps by providing sponsored pupils with appropriate revision materials and funding essential educational trips.

Every sponsored Ist year pupil receives from us a set of uniform, mattress,  writing material, a mosquito net and a calculator.

Our Kenyan representatives make visits to the schools and are able to offer further support to pupils if needed, such as medical treatment, eye checks and provision of spectacles.

When the Trustees from the UK go out to Kenya, at their own expense, they meet and interview all sponsored pupils. Information gathered can be shared with their sponsors back in the UK which gives a better picture of the individual they are helping. In addition, the sponsors all receive termly reports and letters. They also have the opportunity to exchange letters with their pupil.

After 4 years at school, pupils take a final exam in the subjects they have studied, and where possible, those with high enough grades, may be further supported through college or university.

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