How to sponsor a pupil or student with EducAid Africa

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If you would like to sponsor a pupil or a student at college or university, this can be arranged for individuals, family groups or groups of friends and organisations.

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It is usually a commitment over 4 years and currently the total cost for sponsorship ofa pupil at secondary school is £1800.This can be paid in three ways:

  • The total of £1800 at the start
  • £450 a year for 4 years
  • £38 a month for 4 years set up as a standing order.

This includes fees, exam fees, board and food in term time.

In return you will receive termly reports and a letter from your pupil. You may write back and this is encouraged, but we give you the address of our contacts in Mombasa who take letters to the pupils when they visit the school. Otherwise letters do not always arrive. Post takes time.

If you wish to sponsor a student at college or University in Kenya, the total cost is usually and currently £2400 for a 4 year course.We also try to provide a laptop for the student at around £300 but this is often paid for by other donations.

This can be paid in three ways:

  • The total of £2400 at the start
  • £600 a year for 4 years
  • £50 a month

This includes tuition fees and exam fees at a Kenyan University or other teaching establishment and board and food in college accommodation.

All donations and regular payments can be Gift Aided, if you are a regular UK Tax payer.

Please see our Gift Aid form which can be posted to us.

Occasionally we have requests for sponsorship of shorter courses at FE, such as teaching and IT course. Please enquire if you think you would like to sponsor for a shorter period of time.

Please note, we only operate in Kenya, and use local educational establishments. All our sponsored students at college have first been sponsored by EducAid Africa at secondary school.

Contact us by email with your name and email address and we will get in touch to set up a sponsorship or reply to your queries.



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