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EducAid Africa has supported a couple of Primary Schools over the past twenty years, M’bungoni and Malau. We do not build schools but support the community to provide extra finance to complete buildings or items of equipment and books which they could not afford.

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Currently we are supporting Malau School. It started life as a small nursery school which flourished and grew, developing into a full Primary School to support the local community. This was achieved with the construction of new classrooms, adding a new class and teacher as the rooms were completed. The women made the bricks and the men built the walls. Extra finance has been provided with donations to EducAid for items such as a classroom roof or a toilet block.

On each of our visits we have seen progress, we provided a playing field and goal posts, a perimeter fence, electricity, desks and books and equipment.

Our latest project was to help the school to set up with IT equipment generously funded by Stratford Upon Avon Rotary Club.

On our visit in 2017 we were able to present these IT items and were entertained with African dancing to words about the importance of education by some of the older classes. In Kenya, Primary education is funded for all children for 8 years from 6 to 14 years. Accommodation is basic and classes are often large.

Here is a poem which was written by the teacher of Class 4 at Malau School and learned and recited to us by the class.

So weak I was
Ignorant and hungry
No books to read
No desks to sit at
No porridge to take
No balls to play in the field.

Strong now I am
Intelligent and healthy
The porridge every term
The books I read and write
The balls I play in the field
All from EducAid!

Not forgetting my teachers
A stack of milk for tea
Not just a privilege
But a favour to Malau village
Thanks be to EducAid!

The giving hand is always up.
God bless the giving hand.
God bless Educaid
God bless our sponsors!

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