Nursery Schools

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EducAid Africa supports the nursery at Malau and another small nursery attached to the Methodist Church of M’Bungoni.

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Nursery education plays a vital role as it lays the foundation of the learning of English which the children need as they progress through their schooling. However, unlike primary education, it is not free.

Our support of these nurseries provides payment for teachers, books and equipment. In addition we help fund the provision of a daily cup of Ugali (a maize porridge) for the children.

Visits to these nurseries are a real highlight as we are entertained by the children’s enthusiastic singing of songs and rhymes, some in English, some in Swahili.

We are very grateful to the support of several schools in Solihull where the children regularly raise money to fund our nursery and primary projects. We in turn provide them with photos and videos to show how they have helped the Kenyan children.

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